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Home Stager with Home Staging By CC  This is one of our latest Staging in Chicago (West Loop area).

    The owners did not have a Realtor when we began Staging and of course looked for my advice. Over 90% of my clients don't have a Realtor when Staging begins. They want to prepare the home for Sale in hopes that a Realtor will come and possibly list the house at a higher asking price. 

     Here is my concern. I have meet numerous Realtors who comment "oh, I don't need Staging" or "I stage my clients properties." Don't Realtors see that a professional Home Stager is there to help them!? AND more importantly, provide the name of a realtor to my staing clients. Having a professional relationship with a Home Stager will only guarantee the Realtor more listings because when over 90% of my clients ask for a referral, I will provide them with those names. 



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Cecilia C. Cannon

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Aren't you lucky getting clients before they list with realtors.  That is the ideal time for staging to occur as the realtor will not be negatively influenced by a house that shows poorly, which usually has a negative impact on the listing price.

Too many realtors still do not get the value of working with a home staging professional or the value of staging period.  They also don't get how they can be misrepresenting the staging profession by passing themselves off as stagers.  

You are in a great position to field referrals to the most deserving agents in your area and set up a reciprocal system where you refer to realtors and they refer clients to you for staging.

Those realtors who get it also get the referrals; those who don't don't.   I hear your question; however I am not sure why you are spending any time on it?

Sounds like you are doing the right things.



Apr 11, 2010 11:19 AM
Lori Kim Polk
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Sounds like you need to get out there and find some REAs that are on board. THEY are the ones who will use your services over and over. Then you can refer them to the homeowners who need them. Chicago is into staging... in fact, I bet you could hook up with one from here.

Apr 12, 2010 03:10 PM