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Are you going to miss the window of opportunity?

The Home Staging industry is wide open and CNN and Career Builder are saying that Home Staging is the #1 Career poised for growth. There has been so much talk the past few years about home staging and there are over 10 televisions shows that feature home staging, and yet few have jumped on the band wagon - no wonder CNN is predicting Home Staging as the #1 career for growth! 

Home Staging is a fun and rewarding career that allows you the freedom to create your own schedule, pick and choose the jobs you want to work and earn a fantastic living, being your own boss!

Home Stagers arrange furniture and accessories in a creative and strategic way that sells homes 67% faster and for 10% higher offers. And according to a 2007 HomeGain study, Home Staging yields a 343% return on investment to the home owner. This means that home owners actually MAKE money every time they hire a home stager! 

If you have been longing to design interiors for a living, this is the perfect time to get into the industry and establish yourself as your area's expert. While others are sitting on the fence, you will have the opportunity to build your name and client base before the competition arrives.

The amazing thing about home staging is that it is the fastest growing segment of interior design and while training for interior design can take 2-4 years to complete, Home Staging Certification can be achieved in just 40 hours. 

The following areas are needed skill sets in the Home Staging arena and you will want to choose a certification program that offers the most complete training in the following areas:

- Insider Home Staging and Design Techniques including staging tricks and techniques, space planning and color theory

- How to obtain and retain a client base

- How to build your business step by step from the ground up

- What services to offer and how to price your services

- How to stage lived-in and vacant homes with in-field, hands-on staging training

- Insurance, contracts and forms

- The opportunity to ask questions of the instructor and small class size

- Ongoing training and support

If you are considering a career in Home Staging, I recommend you check out http://www.TheAcademyOfHomeStaging.com for the most in-depth and complete training system available.


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