Are You Really Going to Get A Deal AND Get Your Tax Credit??

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April 30th.....That's the deadline to have a deal into escrow in order to receive your First Time Home Buyer $8,000 Tax Credit or your $6,500 Move Up Tax Credit.  Well kids, it's not exactly easy, but its not impossible either. 

So, why would you put the pedal to the medal now?  Beyond the obvious Government handout that goes directly into your pocket, you will also take advantage of the current Interest Rates, which have risen very slightly, but are still around 5% and are rumored to increase.  Plus, you can be in your home just in time for the summer, enjoying your weekends in your new home.  Home Buyers with children will especially want to consider this, especially if they are moving to a better School District for registration purposes.  Finally, banks are finally releasing more and more REO and Foreclosure Properties onto the San Diego Real Estate Market.  That, along with the streamlined process for approving Short Sale Transactions, makes the available homes more attractive and plentiful. 

To really make your home search and your Tax Credit a reality there is one very important first step and YOU have to make it.  Click here and complete the simple form.  That way, we know you exist and are ready to research, tour, and offer on homes.

As a Broker and active Realtor I can state with 1000% certainty that you are not going to be offered the deals if are not in the game.   I work very hard to find the below market deals in the best areas.  Then I offer these deals to my clients.  My clients are the home shoppers who took the 15 minutes to ask for my help in finding them their home at a great price at the lowest interest rate.

  1. We give you the real story on what's going on:
  •  An accurate overview of each local market. What $x buys you here etc based on recent sold homes.  Photos, maps details included.
  •  The truth behind what's going on inside the lending institutions with Short Sales, REO, Preforeclosures, etc.
  •  Help you secure the best financing and the most comfortable monthly payment for you.


     2.    We help you make a plan of attack:

  • Determine which homes and neighborhoods best suit your needs.
  •  Get you into homes to really narrow things down.
  •  Decide what types of deals you want to focus on based on your time frame and criteria. (REO, Preforeclosure, Short Sale, Traditional)

      3.  And (the best part) how we can help you steal a deal in time to take advantage of the Tax Incentives.

Our trade secrets are just that because no one else has worked as hard as us to build the process.  One Realtor is not enough to find you your home if you want a deal in San Diego.  It takes a team which is why there are 5 of us researching, sniffing around, and sitting at conference room tables and kitchen tables negotiating on your behalf.

Click here to take advantage of the tax credit before it is too late!

Rebecca Austin is the Broker/President of New Team Realty in Carlsbad California.  With 11 years experience, her team specializes in North San Diego County home buyers, Short Sale and REO transactions. Visit her VIP Buyer website at or email her at   


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