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Royal Club Weekends ! A great way to learn about Mexico Real Estate & Latin America Real Estate!

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If you are seriously considering ownership of Mexican or Latin American Real Estate -whether for investment, retirement, vacation, or rental income-then a very good way to learn about the different alternatives are the Fly and Buy Programs. This trips are many times also called: Investment tours, Discovery Weekends, Familiarization trips. 

What is a Full ownership Fly & Buy? 

Most of us have images of a sleazy timeshare salesman trying to hard sell you into something that you never really wanted and certainly don't need. What we have found instead is that most Full ownership Fly and Buy weekends and tours are managed by very professional, experienced and respectful teams of sales people. Normally there are no hard sell and no strings attached. 

Full ownership Fly and Buy weekends are locally based real estate seminars and development tours that are sponsored by the Developers in order to offer to a potential retiree or investor the opportunity to walk personally visit and learn about a city, a country and the development itself.  

Fly and Buy weekends are typically held at a resort near the developers real estate project. The fly and buy weekends are filled with local tours, harbor cruises and local entertainment wrapped in a package of real estate purchase or financing seminars designed to teach potential retirees the how's and why's of retirement and relocation in Mexico or Costa Rica or other countries.

Fly and Buy weekends are held throughout all of Latin America (mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Dominican Republic, etc) and are a great way to truly get a feel for an area, its culture, weather and real estate market. There is no substitute for seeing a country, city or real estate development first hand. 

Each year thousands of Americans and Canadians take advantage of developer sponsored real estate and condo project tours throughout Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and other Latin American Countries. For those considering retirement in Mexico, Costa Rica or much of Latin America, a fly and buy real estate seminar is a great place to start. 

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