Quality Control Auditors- Hiring immediately

Mortgage and Lending with First Colorado Lending

Our steady growth affords the opportunity to bring on-board qualified Quality Assurance Auditors with experiences in Underwriting, mortgage operations and quality control.

We are hiring immediately on a contract 1099 basis. We are accepting applicants that have a home office setup.

We are able to accommodate our auditors with cutting edge web based software a Mortgage Analytical Review Software. Qualified personnel whose knowledge base takes them beyond a check list method need to apply because we prefer auditors who know how to analyze in depth with an ability to detect fraud.

An initial indoctrination period is required using Web based training in order to become familiar with the processes and procedures.

Qualified applicants need to submit:
-A current résumé is required along with 5 references. The references need to be qualified in the mortgage industry and knowledgeable of your performance and work ethics.

-We also require a cover letter along with an essay describing at least 3 examples of your past work history where misrepresentations and fraud was uncovered or detected as a result of your due diligence in your job.

-Be sure to explain what measures were in place to discover the fraud, what actions were taken to validate the discovery, and what reporting actions were made.

For Serious consideration on please reply to this posting and submit your resume and essay for review to:


(Please submit a complete package to be considered)


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