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At the end of a busy working day or on the weekend cable tv has been bombarded with shows about flipping houses. There are at least four to five different shows in which everyday investors buy properties under market value fix them up then sell them for a profit. These tv shows are creating alot of people who want ot begin flipping homes. Friends of mine who normally dont care about real estate ae now on the hunt for undervalued homes. But they have to ask themselves why invest in real estate? I would like to put in my two cents and state my opinion towards this new trend. Historically real estate property has shown consistent growth in value and remains the best hedge against inflation. By owning assets that rise in value with inflation you can actually beat inflation all together. If your objective is is capital appreciation (rise in value) then buying a promising piece of property in a promising neighboorhood will help you acheive this. On the other side of the coin, if you are looking for income , then purchasing a rental building can help provide additional regular income. Investors who purchase projects that are ready for sue and occupancy are known as tunkey projects. The main benefits of regular and commerical real estate are :

1) Appreciation

2)Equity Buildup


4) Tax Benefits