How to save money to buy your first home.

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       The majority of first time buyers spend a great deal of time trying to save their down payment.Here is a very easy way to do it but only 1% will try just like 1% of people ever succeed in becomeing rich.            Location location location  heard that many times just like get out of debt.

1st            When you live in an apartment or a rental unit  who's mortgage are you paying.

2nd            Do you live on the inside out side of your rented unit.

3rd             Can you control who the owner rent's too.

                                          You Have No Choice

                             Well starting right now you have a choice.

                                             Based in Strathmore Alberta LOWEST price units 

Buying a Condo   For $250,000.     3 bedroom        Mortgage would run $1350.00     mth 

                                                                          Condo  fees           $250.00 mth increase when need

                                                                   All utilities plus taxes  $650.00  mth increase when needed

                                                                                            YOU DON"T OWN THE LAND


Buying a house     For            $300,000    3 bedroom                              Mortgage      $1650.00 mth

                                                                                                                    All utilities plus taxes  $950.00mth


In Brentwood in Strathmore   LESS THAN RENTING

Moduler on own Lot           $  189.000          3 bedroom                     Mortage     $950.00 mnth

                                                                                                                  All Utilites plus Taxes      $650.00

You own the Land  If you take care of it will make you money when you sell it and best part  you can use the profit to buy your first House.  It's like a saveing account.

But if you don't like a moduler  then let your landlord get richer.

PS>> It has to be on it's own lot to in order for you to make money.

Just think if you live there 5 years The Value would be more and your money you owed to the bank would be less. And there is saveing.

Have any Thought's on that.               


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