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From what I have been learning about foreclosures, I have a lot to say, and I believe I have a lot of information that can help homeowners facing foreclosure.  While I am not an attorney, and cannot give the advise that an attorney can give, I can express my thoughts, opinions, and research information to help a homeowner facing foreclosure make an informed decision about what to do when facing such a difficult situation.  With or without the ability to hire an attorney will have some bearing on what course of action to take, but no matter whether you hire an attorney or not, you should learn all you can about how foreclosures happen, and what to expect in your situation.

Before I write these series of blogs, I was wondering if anyone that has faced foreclosure can give me any of their insights and information.  I know from my research, I have yet to come across a foreclosure that completely had the legal grounds to foreclose a persons home.  Of course, as we all know, that has not, and does not stop these fraudulent cases from being filed, nor stop the taking of these homes.  I have read a lot of sites and will be distributing the information I have, but would appreciate any and all input and other sources of information to help homeowners in their time of need.


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I saw you on fox news and wrote them then i looked youi up to find out about you. I am trying to save our home they have it rocket docket with magistrate amy hawthorne. in the initial foreclosure notice they stated they didnt have the right addressand had to fix it, i think they had our old address because the credit card was taken out at our old address in lehigh. this foreclosure  is from the bank of new york. our home is located at 9846 w. bAHIA vista rd. north ft. myers,fl. 33917  a nice piece of property for ft. myers to steal from us. its 8.37 acres near echo .  my ex took out a loan with mbna that i told him no about . the man came ot our home and I was called \downstairs ( iwas going thru health problemsand now disabled) I told this man i wanted nothing to do with this loan. he raised his voice back to me " cant you help him out !!! I really felt intiminated , I didnt weant it and I said i dont want my name in it,. he said your name will not be on it.. I signed it , upset and left.  oneil and I are now split up we have been a few years . but oneil paid on this loan for 5 yrs or so and it was still 27,000 on a 30,000 loan. I never knew it was connected to our home. oneil started falling behind on the loan with loss of business , he has a lawn business that is not doing well in this economy. countrywide is the one he was paying then bank america took over. he spoke to bac home loans since now they have the loan ... to collect. they said pay what you are behind and the attorney fees and it would stop the foreclosure. my son also lives here with his family and children. we got up 4900 dollars and wired it to them .oneil was told that it was paid up until may and then oneil sent another 500 dlooars in may. we never received any paper work , they no longer communicated with us. another paper came to continue the foreclosure because they didnt get the whole 27,000 . we tried to contact them and we just got transfered until dropped.   we got thru on the morgage that we pay every month and was told we were not in foreclosure , i wrote bill mccollum and he sent the letter to bank america .. they sent a letter stateing we were not in foreclosure. then we get this rocket docket for oct. 19th.   that bank is still foreclosing on us. when we call they will not speak to us on that loan . then our tax notice didnt come but because fox news said where to find it I looked for it and saw our homestead had been removed . so I wrote and ask why ? I was called and told it was a mistake. then i looked to see if it was back on yet , it wasnt. so I wrote the tax apprasior and he sent it to a person whom then sent it to me so i could see it was back on but when i wenty down to the court house it  didnt show but was told there was a note to attached to it. I was told they would send it out in sept . but htey didnt now they are going to send it out in october.  I went andd paid for a domilcile just incase i needed to redo it and i had a day if i needed to but was told it is back on.  we paid 50,000 down and the price of the home was 225,000 so the loan with bank america was 175,000 at 5.78 i think . it was for 20 yrs and we have been here 8 yrs now in october. my son has asked attiorney howard frieman to help because he is his attorney but i dont htink he is a foreclosure attorney.  do we have time to save our home? howard said the courts are pushing this through . my name is Ramona Cooper  239-994-5317  I did write fox news  a similar letter  . what can we do to save our home?

Sep 29, 2010 02:44 PM

Seems like taxes are getting higher and higher... Lets home things change for the best.

Jan 29, 2012 06:20 AM