Waldorf, MD 5k Run: I Survived!

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Well, it's official: I survived the Waldorf 5k. I wasn't planning on failing, and I wasn't worried about whether or not I was going to finish. I was worried about whether or not I was going to make it! You see, I made 2 big mistakes with this years race:

Mistake #1- I was an idiot and decided to have Burger King for dinner the night before


Mistake #2- I slept through my alarm and woke up 15 minutes before the start of the race!

Now most normal, rational individuals would know better than to chow down at a greasy fast food joint the night before a race. As you can tell, I am not most normal, rational people. I see the sign for an XL steak sauce burger, and I lose all will to be responsible about what I'm eating. Even if there was a sign at the restaurant reminding me:

I would have probably still ordered my jumbo burger and onion rings. I can't help myself, and I understand that while giving in may not be the wiser choice, it was certainly the tastier one.

My second mistake was probably just as dumb. I distinctly remember hitting snooze (twice) and I also vaguely recall turning off the alarm completely. I didn't forget about the race, I just chose to ignore it. After all, why would anyone schedule the start of a race for 8 a.m. when I clearly intended to be up until midnight the night before? Since when were Sunday mornings no longer meant for sleeping in?

  At any rate, I am very grateful that I live just a few short miles (is there a difference between that and a long mile? anyone?) from the Blue Crabs Stadium! I managed to jump in the car, get past police roadblocks, and made it to the starting line just as they were starting the runners off! The only downside was that I didn't get a chance to stretch before I started, so I could feel my muscles wanting to cramp from the shock of it all.

Overall, it was a great experience (don't ask me how I placed), I managed to make a 10 minute/mile pace, and I didn't collapse or throw-up afterwards, so yay for me! I'm thinking about possibly training, or at least running once or twice before my next race, and maybe I'll even be up for the half marathon next year!

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