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Homeowners facing foreclosure have always been vulnerable to scammers, con-artists, and thieves. When property values were appreciating rapidly, foreclosure rescue scams primarily focused on obtaining title to the home and robbing homeowners of their equity. Today with property prices still depreciating and a large percentage of homes "underwater," equity is no longer the scam. 

Homeowners across the nation desperately reach out for reliable information and straightforward assistance as, unfortunately, millions of home owners risk the loss of their homes to foreclosure for many reasons.

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You know when the government gets involved in a problem, not only is it big but very costly. Someone has to pay those agents to track down fraud, someone has to pay to the court costs all those fraudsters, and if convicted someone has to pay to feed, clothe, and shelter them. The faster we all help prevent real estate fraud, the sooner all of these costs could be reduced, thus saving homeowners and tax payers money ...

There is no doubt that all homeowners pay the price of mortgage fraud. The only way such costs can be avoided is to eliminate, or greatly reduce, the problem. That means you, me, and thousands of unwitting homeowners who would never in a million years think of committing real estate fraud are going to have to start thinking about it, and thinking about it soon.

The faster we can all help prevent mortgage fraud, the sooner all of these costs could be reduced, thus saving homeowners and taxpayers money...

Michael S. Richardson

Director/Mortgage Fraud Services
Author of "An American Epidemic, Mortgage Fraud a Serious Business"


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