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It's so easy to get pulled into activities that aren't the highest and best use of our time, isn't it??? If you aren't clear on your priorities and good at setting boundaries with others, the day can go by and you wonder at the end what really got accomplished. I've been using this simple technique to keep myself and my client's focused:

Joeann's Rule of Three:
What 3 things, if you took action on them today will give you the biggest payoff towards your LONG TERM goals?

Here's what to do:

•·        At the very beginning of the day, choose your three

•·        Write them on a sticky note

•·        Carry that note around with you

•·        Refer back to the list throughout your day

I know there will be other squeaky wheel things and urgent items that will also need to get done, but at the end of the day, even if you have just worked on the number one item, you will have used your time productively!

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