Staging is a Rush, but please don't RUSH US

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Our team is dialed in. We don't even need to speak. We pull, we pack, we drive the truck to the job and we keep moving. 

This time of year we stage just about every day of the work week and it's a RUSH.

Our bodies are sore.

Our minds are tired.

Our stress level is a bit high.

Our familes are not seeing us much.

Yes, it's Spring and life is moving fast.

We don't mind, we been doing this a long time and we are very good at making it happen. It's a RUSH!

BUT we would love our wonderful Realtors to understand that when they book the virtual tour/photographer on the same day as a staging it's STRESSFUL!

What we do is not an exact science.  Especially when we are staging every day. We need to go to the warehouse early in the morning, unload the truck from the day before, and pack it up again - get to the job and RUN!

We don't sit, we don't stand, we don't eat - heck many times we forget to use the restroom - WE RUN!

When you ask us when we will be done I want to say...what is more important your photos being taken today or us doing a fabulous job that will give you a FANTASTIC PRODUCT!

Just a heads up - please stop asking what time you can have the photographer come by (and of course they need to have the best light) let us do our job, book the photos for another day and let's get this house sold.


Comments (2)

Nancy Lee - An OrderLee Home,
Hendersonville, NC

Golly, this invokes mixed feelings.  I totally comprehend the stress you and the photographer experience when slammed up against each other.  I need, really need, those seconds of walking each room looking, balancing, tuning...not easy to do with the photographer asking, hoping 'is it ready now?'

On the other hand, too frequently, I arrive to stage and find out the photos were taken the day before.  Dang, I want your stress!!!!!  (Of course, the photographers and I both want the photos scheduled the morning after the staging.)

Apr 20, 2010 09:01 PM
Lynn Crawford
A Different View - Olney, MD
Staging DC & Maryland

Kym - I understand your pain completely. I cannot tell you how many times I've had to work late into the night because the Realtor scheduled the photographer before we were able to complete the staging. I try to explain that we're doing the equivilent of packing, moving and unpacking a home in a short amount of time but it often falls on deaf ears.

I want to do the best possible job but that requires time. And since we're often working with several clients at one time when everyone wants their job completed by "tomorrow" it's tough.

Apr 21, 2010 01:04 AM