How Can I help YOU part 12…

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Dear Friends,

After long consideration of my time and energy, I have decided to cut back on my open houses. The reason social media is how I am meeting so many great people. I am writing this to everyone I know and who wants to know me. The best way for me to help you is for you to text me at 602-492-6221. That number is like cha cha but only for real estate. SO if you or anyone you know has a question (s) and wants an immediate answer text that number and I will get back to oyu momentarily. Also below are my face book and twitter account information. Anyone who joins with will receive a free give, a $600.00 per year value and you can have it for as long as you like. As stated before I am looking to get my new website up and running which will have even more free gifts and information only realtors have access too and they all don’t want you to know  about it. Since I am a consultant I believe in giving you all the information available to me so that you as the buyer or seller can make an infomred decision.

Look for my weekly show coming from contribution on

Michael Pittman

 Your Friend in Real Estate

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to text me any of your real estate questions at 602-492-6221, Get a response 24/7. Don't believe me try it out for yourself and be pleasantly surprised.


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