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I'm Doing a Listing Presentation Today!

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Remember those?  A real live homeowner not in distress who wants to move out of state.  I sold them their home 8 years ago and they actually have a tiny bit of equity.  I called my partner yesterday and said "I can't remember how to do a real live listing presentation!".  Good to brush up on your skills she said.  She reminded me of all the things that are important to a Seller in an "old fashioned" sale.  You know, how you are going to protect their interests, how you are going to market their home, handle the transaction, keep them informed and help them with the paperwork that comes with the whole ordeal of selling.  I started thinking that more of this type of listing presentation should go into a short sale listing presentation also.  There is so much distress and emotion in a short sale presentation that I feel like most of the time I'm just helping them through the process of gathering their required paperwork, talking with their lien holder and educating them on the process.  So here and now I vow to do that in a short sale presentation.  I guess I'll know when it is appropriate because honestly most of the time now people just want to know that I know what I am doing.  Since I have been totally immersed in short sales for two years now I have learned a lot and am blessed to have a partner in my office who provides support.  We learn together, take classes together and in general just keep learning more about each new program that comes out and improving our process with the various types of short sales.   Fannie, Freddie, FHA, and Conventional.  Each lender has their own processes and it's own set of problems.

Real Estate is a challenging and interesting business and I have never had such a great job!