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All of these are good points.   A continuation of the fact that if the home looks good and is priced right it will sell.  

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10  the number of showings you are getting will go from zero to MANY!

9 - People looking at your house will stop giving lame excuses for not making an offer

8 - When you look at your house in comparison to other listed houses nearby, you notice that yours is the one that stands out as a value (Lowest Price per Square foot).

7 - You get NOTICED and neighbors ask why? "Are you in trouble financially?" "NOPE! I just want to SELL my house and this is what it's going to take to do it."

6 - Internet traffic on your listing quadruples in a matter of hours after your price hits the sweet spot

5 - Subsequent SLOW drive-by traffic increases exponentially

4 - resulting in MANY more sign call inquiries

3 - OFFERS show up . . . REAL OFFERS (Not idiotic bottom-fishing low-ballers) . . . Perhaps multiple.

2 - Your friends and neighbors tell you that you're crazy.

1 - Your friends and neighbors tell you that you're crazy.

The truth is that if your houses is listed on the market at a comparable price to other current active homes for sale in the area, and you are not getting the attention you feel your house deserves then the entire market is over-priced.

It's time to decide whether you really want to sell or not . . .

Gotta break the mold and do something bodacious . . . Like get yerself priced below everyone else.

Pay attention to "Price Points" . . .

Buyers typically buy at the top end of their price range . . . This creates Price points.

Lender says Buyer can buy 'Up to $300,000" . . . Most Buyers will buy @ just under $300,000

If your house is @ $310,000, they don't like the "3" . . . $299,999 looks like a bargain to them.

$525,000 excludes all Buyers in the $400k range in most markets . . . $499k re-includes most all of them.

Condition and location help when it comes to selling your house. I believe your house should be in the top 2/3 of the market in those respects, but you may not be in a position to do anything about those.

You CAN control your pricing . . . get aggressive with pricing, and your house WILL sell.

I'm just sayin'




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