The Importance of a Buyer's Consultation

Real Estate Agent with Danielle Goheen Real Estate Team

When buying your first home, or any home, the process can be a little overwhelming. Even knowing where to start can be a little confusing.

A buyers consultation is a great way to begin the exciting journey, and let me explain why. During the meeting, topics ranging from financing to inspections to closing and everything in between are explained. The buyer has the opportunity to ask questions, and the realtor is also able to ask questions that will help them get a much deeper understanding of what the buyer's wants and needs are.

With the increasing amount of information available online, buyers are becoming much more savvy, and in the same token that information can all be very overwhelming and sometimes misleading. The buyers consultation helps address the important topics and clear up any confusion that may be caused from internet search overload.

Buyer's consultations not only benefit the buyer from the educational standpoint, they also save a lot of time in the long run. By getting a deeper understanding from the very first meeting, the realtor is able to eliminate a lot of homes that they see do not truly meet the buyers needs, saving the buyer time.

By seeking first to understand, everyone achieves more. It's part of our motto at Keller Williams and such a cornerstone to building relationships with buyers.



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