Saving Money is for the Birds!!!

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Saving Money is for the Birds!!!

Home heating bills are crazy! Propane went up 50 cents in a month (in between my own fill-ups) and the costs will probably continue until warmer weather arrives.  It's supply and demand and it's happening everywhere.  Now is the time to pull harder on the end of your belt, don't buy the soda, or the candy, or popcorn, or anything else you buy over and above what you need so you can pay those high heating bills!  That's right, begin suffering so you can line other's pockets with your hard-earned cash!


Why pay the heating bills when you can save money by having a thermal survey performed on your home?  Find your local infrared specialist and "see" where you're losing your heat!  For more information on what infrared can see, go to my web site and have a FREE look.  Unlike the utility companies, I won't rob you.

See where you're losing heat

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