Taos Spring

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Taos Spring is such a tease.  Two days ago it was sunny and warm.  I started putting all of my winter clothes away.  The tulips in my garden were starting to bloom (well at least one bloomed)

The after winter mud season looked like it would be short, and I started to day dream about hiking, fishing, tennis etc.  But gee, I should know better, I have been in Taos for many springs.

Last night I heard a tremendous crashing and banging.  I got up and looked out the window at my poor little tulip which was getting pelted with HAIL!  Yikes and Yuck.  After the hail came sleet and then rain.  This morning the mountains were so socked in that you couldn't tell that they were there.  Snow was on the ground and the wind is whipping around.  What happened to my springtime in Taos daydream?

Well you have all heard the adage that Change is good.  The only constant is change....etc. etc.  Well change is good but not every two hours.  I know summer will eventually come and Taos Spring will over.      

I shouldn't complain because in Taos moisture is good.  Despite the quickly changing sky, the unexpected weather changes, the battered tulip, tomorrow is another day.  I bet the sky will be blue, the sun will shine and I will not remember that snow was on the ground on April 23rd.


clouds above the Rio Grande


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