OMG - The Neighbor from You Know Where

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Well this weekend we are making progress to become less part of each others lives.  Yeah, things are starting to be understood and working out.  Guess what, that must be her wonderful complying husband.

This week I sent an email request for a tree that was branching out to my property to be trimmed.  They did not reply to the email, that is their choice, but they trimmed the tree as requested.

No flak, just compliance.  Good.  Maybe this is the first step to separation and appreciation for privacy.  We will see when the husband leaves for work, what his wife comes up with this week, to annoy me.

Last week it was moving the property marker on the other side of my property.  Every week something happens.  Ridiculous but becoming very laughable and entertaining.

No that the security is installed, it will become humiliating, when it is put out there on tape, and advertised through the neighborhood, or the internet.  Not to say that I would go that far, but the RCMP did say to take pictures.

Have a great weekend everyone, I am...... LOL all the way.

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