The Single Best Real Estate Event Ever

Real Estate Agent with EXIT REALTY BEND





Last year EXIT Realty Bend principal broker and franchise owner, Jim Mazziotti, held a home selling

event not witnessed before in Bend. His single weekend auction type event drew more than 100 prospective

buyers to his two day open house and garnered 16 bids on a property which had been marketed

for months by other agents using traditional real estate marketing practices. From the 16 bids, Mazziotti

and Exit agent Jim Trewin submitted the highest bid offer to the owner and closed 30 days later. One

weekend and one sale.

“It is hard workL.but the results were simply amazing,” said Mazziotti. Now, just one year later Mazziotti

convinced one of his 24 agents to step outside their comfort level and offer this

incredible system to a client. “My agents have hesitated to do this HSTHB event, “ Mazziotti said. “It was

like pulling teeth, but finally EXIT agent, Juana Beede, decided to hold an event for a client who had used

a traditional real estate agent for 6 months with not one single viewing of the property!”

“I am amazed that real estate agents are sitting around painstakingly using the same old worn out methods.

You know the routineL.they place a listing in MLS, put up a sign and wait. Frankly, I’m tired of sitting

around waiting for something to happen. I believe my job is to make things happen for my clientsL

and that is what we are doing here at EXIT Realty Bend,” said Mazziotti.

The results? Juana Beede held 12 pre-event open houses at the rural property just outside Bend. The

auction event was held on Saturday, April 11th and Sunday April 12th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and

the round robin phone bidding began at 6:30 p.m. She had at least 40 agent calls, 102 open house visitors,

received 4 bids and took the high bid to her seller which she is negotiating at this time. Juana also

secured 3 active buyers, 5 future buyers and has 3 HSTHB listing appointments!

“The HSTHB Event is the single most productive marketing system I have ever seen,”

commented Mazziotti. Juana’s success has left every agent in our office in aweLand agents from other

companies in Central Oregon have had nothing but good things to say about our professionalism and this

event. Hopefully they will see that EXIT actually does outflank the competition and come on board with

EXIT Realty Bend.”


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