Water Rights and Water's Importance to Southern Colorado

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Agriculture is so important to the future of this great country.  There are many issues that ag producers face, whether they have large, medium, or small tracts of land.  ALL of us rely upon our farmers and ranchers to eat, and therefore we should all be cognizant of water rights, laws, and issues in our own parts of the country.

Since I am in Southeastern Colorado, I have been watching a very important issue that I will become much more involved with.  That has to do with the selling of water shares in our Bessemer Ditch - a main component of irrigation for farmers in Pueblo County and East of Pueblo County (i.e. Crowly, Otero, and Las Animas Counties).

Please take some time to read more here and find the link to Mike Bartolo's complete story from The Pueblo Chieftain.