Property Management and Renting Your Home in Kansas City

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Property management and renting your home.

All the changes in the real estate market have resulted in a growth trend in the rental market.
The advantages of placing properties onto the rental market while waiting for the re-sale market to improve is obvious, but as the number of properties available for rental increases, your home must be at its best.  As many potential buyers are unable to obtain mortgages or have questionable career prospects, property owners are in a great position to earn an additional income from renting their homes.  There are several key elements in successful property managment.  One is locating an experienced professional property manager to advise you on the local market and another is the condition and appearance of your home.  A complete remodel could become expensive, but small changes can often add an updated appearance.

A property manager can give you professional advice on marketing your home.  For example; removing all un-necessary objects from the property will remove clutter, creating a "model home" appearance. Having the home professional cleaned if necessary is also important. First impressions, like re-painted walls, using nuetral color paint in a light color will look great and provide that new look. Any necessary repairs will need to be made to keep the home maintained and looking good. To make sure the property does not sit vacant for long periods of time, an appropriate rental price is critical.  Again a property manager who kows the market is essential.  You must also decide upon a minimum price if potential tenants attempt to negotiate.

Whether purchasing an investment property, or attempting to generate income while you wait out the re-sale market, updating your home can mean the difference between a property remaining vacant for a long period of time and one that has income generating tenants.  Whether or not you manage the property yourself or hire a property manager, educating your self is one of the first steps.  If a professional property manager is what you need, please consider Rent KC Now.  90% of our properties have leased within 30 days!  You can visit our website at


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