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It's absolutely amazing how many people are looking for alternative businesses.  The term alternative businesses wasn't nearly as popular 5 years ago as it is today.  Workers and business owners alike are looking for alternative ways to maintain and increase their income.

No longer are people relying on one income to get by.  There used to be a day when only one person in the household was the bread winner.  But when the cost of living began to increase, it took more than one income.  Husbands and wives began to both work outside the home.

Today with even husbands and wives working outside the home, alternative business options have become well sought after by hundreds of thousands of people.  Where to turn is the question.  There are so many opportunities on the internet and who knows which one to choose.

One of the wonderful alternative business options is online advertising.  Advertising has taken on a different way of attracting loyal customers.  It's called referral advertising or referral marketing.  Advertisers have set budgets that will be spent.  What some have done is set aside a portion of their advertising budgets to pay for customers brought to them from referral sources.

The good thing about referral sources in the eyes of advertisers is that they don't have to pay any money up front to the referrers.  They only pay the referrers when they deliver loyal customers.  Here's what's the neat thing about that.  The referrers are able to get nice bonuses because the dollars they are paid from the already existing budgets.

Now comes the way to get involved with an alternative business.  There is a company that sits right in the middle of this new way of gathering new customers.  You can participate for a very small annual fee.  You can earn upwards of thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.  There is a 9 year old company that has marketing relationships with many Fortune 500 companies and have a structure in place to pay average ordinary people to become the middleman on their own transactions and the transactions of others.

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