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It's amazing the number of people we each come into contact with on a daily basis, some we do business with....some we don't but at the end of the day, those people have the potential to come into contact with just about anyone within your organization... They say that first impressions last forever and for me personally, I have found this to be very true.

I can honestly say that we have a lot of fun within my office but we don't sacrifice professionalism at any cost. From the receptionist all the way up the ladder to the president, we all know that how a phone call is treated can mean the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity.

I consider my processors to be "my right hand" when dealing with loans. After the initial sale is made, although I personally remain in constant contact with the client.... the day to day business is usually conducted by the processors, they reflect on me and my organization and I am happy to say they have never let me down. This affords a certain amount of freedom mentally, because I know that they have it covered and that allows me to focus efforts elsewhere.... new clients, marketing.... blogging on Active Rain....

This is basically just a "Thank You" to all the processors out there that or really any secondary support staff, that make our jobs just a little bit more stress free on a daily basis.  Thanks Guys!!

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AMEN to that!  and let's not forget to show our appreciation and take them out to lunch once in a while.


Aug 01, 2007 04:43 PM