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Out With the Monster Carper Stain--Home Staging Tip

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I just recently had an experience with the mother of all carpet stains......what a monster, that thing just kept growing and growing! It all started out so innocently......just a nervous dog......getting used to a new environment at his new home. This was at my daughter's first home and as you can imagine she was not too happy when little Dakota decided he needed to mark his new territory.

Actually this all happened last November. The carpet was a beautiful new berber in a nice cream color. The spot was actually fairly small to begin with. I would say it was about 7 or 8 inches in circumference. We saw it almost immediately and soaked it up and cleaned the spot with the usual carpet cleaner we had always used. However, when it dried, it was still there and had a least doubled in size! A few more attempts at cleaning only seemed to feed the cancerous growth! My daughter finally gave up and was planning to call the carpet professional when I stopped by for a visit a couple of weeks ago. The infamous stain was in the guest room.......the room I was staying in.... of course. Well. I just could not get over that now 12x18 inch spot of doggie pee stain on the floor! It was right in the path as you stepped into the room.

So......I decided to tackle it with a product another daughter of mine has been touting for months. Plain white vinegar! I mixed 1/2 white vinegar with 1/2 water in a sports drink bottle with one of those push and pull tops that opens the spout. I squeezed a generous amount of this mixture all over the now monster stain and just left the room for about an hour. When I came back I had a roll of paper towels and I just started laying towels on the wet spot and standing on it to wick up the moisture. The towels turned yellow as I worked and the carpet stain got lighter and lighter. I put a little more mixture on and kept wicking until the towels were no longer yellow and barely damp. When the whole thing dried you would be hard pressed to find the spot! If I study it really really close I think I might see a little mark, but no one else ever notices it! Boy am I ever a believer in white vinegar now. Sometimes I think we believe we have to spend a lot of money to get the best cleaning products, however grandmothers tend to be very wise when they tell us to use the old stand-bys. Now if you decide to try this I cannot guarantee you will get the same results, however what have you got to loose? If you are concerned, test a spot in the closet first. You might just save yourself some money!

I sincerely wish I had taken pictures however that was not on my mind at the time. You will just have to take my word for it. And Dakota.....listen to me......if I see you lift that leg.......I will throw a bottle of vinegar at you! Down boy!

Geri Sonkin
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As a sometimes loving mommy to a couple of competitive markers, I can so relate.  I keep a number of products close at hand for those frustrating moments in my life.  I will be happy to try the vinegar and water alternative and I'll let you know the results.  I can't stand the smell of some of the best products out there.  They're way too perfumy.

Apr 28, 2010 09:06 AM