Warr Acres Post Office Moving

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Warr Acres Post office is moving from it's old location on n.w. 63rd street.  The word is that mold was discovered in the lease property where the current office is located.  The building located at the intersection of N.W. 63rd and MacArthur takes up much of the block.  The company that owns this large piece of real estate apparently doesn't care much about it, due to the run down appearance of the building and the pot hole pitted parking lot. 

I have contacted the property manager to try to purchase the building for a client, but they have no interest in selling it.  There are currently only a couple of small businesses left in the entire block of real estate.

The U S Post office at 6001 Northwest 63rd Street will be moving west a few hundred feet closer to 63rd street where postal delivery vehicles are currently parked.


The new location is currently being remodeled and appears that it will be ready in the near future, but the exact date of the change is not known.

It's too bad that property owners don't work with the community where they own real estate.  This is a wonderful area located near some terrific neighborhoods.  If personal interest was involved, it could be remodeled and turned into something useful as well as beneficial to Warr Acres residents and merchants.



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