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“The highest level of human connection is when we can see the world through another’s eyes and set aside our own motives in order to fulfill the needs of another”. – Anonymous.

This statement is true now more than ever in the world of marketing and connecting with distressed homeowners. Our future clients do not care how much we sold in 2009, or how many awards we won. The concerns on distressed homeowner’s minds are:

·         Does this person have the answers I seek?

·         Can I trust this agent?

·         How is he/she different than all the rest?

·         Are they knowledgeable in dealing with my type of situation?

·         Can they help me and my family out from under this burden?



I open this blog with such an intro as in the current state of the real estate industry; so much attention is geared towards numbers, units, statistics, and acronyms (HAFA, HAMP, 2MP). What is lost in the process is the individual, the family, and/or the client that is on the other end of losing their home.

In most cases, potential short sale clients are stressed, scared, angry, and thus non-responsive.  They need your help, but are still holding on to hope for some kind of bailout.  Unfortunately, you likely be the target of their frustration so be prepared, patient, educated and compassionate.

If you are going to market yourself as a Pre-Foreclosure Short Sale Specialist, then get all of the education you can with a continuous monthly training program and be ready to spend a large amount of time educating distressed homeowners of their available options.

With a complete and genuine understanding of the audience we are targeting in our marketing efforts, or next step in the process is to understand the 3 categories of short sale leads.


 3 Categories of Short Sale Leads:

(1). Agent driven: Short listing leads which an agent has secured via referral, farming or other traditional lead generation means. 

(2). Lender Assisted: Door-knocking leads like Titanium Solutions and the Wachovia FastTrack program are example of these types of leads.  The lead or program is shared with the agent, but the agent still has to put in the effort and investment to market to the defaulting homeowner.

(3). Lender referred: Leads which are directed to an agent panel servicing the geographic area in which the property is located; homeowners are provided with names of those agents and select their agent from that panel, usually via an interview process.

Social Media & the Short Sale:

Whichever category you choose to target in your marketing efforts it will be extremely beneficial to maintain a strong social media presence. Whether a client seeks your assistance via your traditional marketing efforts or a client is connected with you via a lender referral from an Agent Management Service (AMS) such as PartnerFirst; a strong Social Media presence will help answer the questions your concerned clients are asking. Did you know that according to, 80% of all your prospects will Google® search you before hiring you to list their home. Another important note is that 87% of all homebuyer searches begin on-line.

A strong social media presence should include a well written and cared for blog geared directly towards consumer. Included in this blog should be available all the tools, information, and resources available on most government sites.



By providing distressed homeowners with an abundance of information, you are positioning yourself as a specialist and ultimately a solution to their problem.

Don’t worry, by providing an abundance of information, a potential client is not going to extract the information and go FSBO. Remember this is about establishing trust and conveying a solution based approach through knowledge and influence.

Unfortunately we are only able to scratch the surface of marketing, social media and the short sale in a single blog. Therefore, we would like to invite you to attend a free 60 minute information packed marketing, social media, and the short sale webinar.

This is not just another empty lead generation, social media, or short sale webinar that will leave you in want with a hook in your mouth to buy some widget or subscribe to some service.  As the national leader in Agent Management Services, PartnerFirst has earned the reputation of giving relevant webinar trainings that guarantee value and time well spent.  

In this training we will help you discover the invaluable connection between marketing, social media, and growing your short sale business!  Studies show that there are over 5,000,000 distressed homeowners in the U.S. right now.  Many in your own backyard.  Learn how to speak their language, answer the questions they are asking, "virtually" go to the places they spend time, and ultimately extract them from the masses in order to bring them solutions and increase your real estate business exponentially.  Hear from presenters who are considered "Social Medians", pre-foreclosure experts and lead generation gurus who are in the trenches getting results.

You don't want to miss this special learning opportunity!

 During this informative webinar you will learn:

  • Understanding the mindset of a distressed homeowner
  • How to use social media to position yourself as a pre-foreclosure  specialist
  • Getting the right message to the right audience
  • Get new business by targeting those who are the best match for your service
  • How to target distressed homeowners at the moment they’re most likely to respond – Timing is everything

Join us for a Free information packed webinar on:

“Marketing, Social Media, and the Short Sale – A Winning Combination”

Date: Friday May 14, 2010

Time: 10:00am – 11:00am

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Elisabeth Kuhn
Richmond Web Marketing - Richmond, VA

You're so right.  Social media can really extend your reach tremendously, especially if they're used together with an effective way to capture the contact information of your leads and follow up with them.

Your webinar sounds great.


May 06, 2010 08:43 PM