Do You Do It Just To Make a Living?

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I decided to go into Real Estate when my children were almost through with their High School years. I knew that making a career change would mean more time away from home, but I didn’t realize how much.

Real Estate is a wonderful opportunity to add income to your family, as long as you are willing to give up time and money to begin  your journey. 

After passing the test, which has been quite a while back now, the journey began. I started thinking “What Have I Done?” Where do I start? The ironic thing about it is that this question stays with you throughout your career.  Selling Real Estate means that you have to have sellers – you have to have buyers, you have to work at selling homes daily, you have to show houses when the time is right for your purchaser. You have to work out deals. You stress about not having showings, not having offers, overpricing, underpricing and being available 24/7 so that you are doing your clients justice.

Working in Real Estate is gratifying and also disappointing. This week alone, a loan did not go through so my sellers lost out on selling their home and purchasing a new one. Was it my fault? No. Do I feel guilty? Yes. It’s an emotional roller coaster every day. Nothing feels better than to sell a home to a first time homebuyer or helping a seller move into their next dream home. Nothing feels worse than having to tell them that it won’t happen.  Now the questions is, “Am I  more upset that I lost my commission, which it is hard, or am I more upset for my clients?  Being truly honest, the money hurts, but having my clients disappointed is worse.  I know that its not just making a living. It’s helping others, while helping myself. It’s doing my best and what I enjoy doing. It’s trying to stay motivated when everything is going against you. It’s the real world!