Is the next Google?

Real Estate Agent with Florida List For Less Realty, Inc. is many things, including a search engine, customizable web portal, and the latest attempt by Microsoft to dig into Google's market share in search. Its opening page is a simple one, in keeping with the "expectations" built by Google, providing several options and an invitation for you to personalize it as your own web portal.

Most of the features on the site are functional; while a few remain in the development stage and some are in between. It seems only Passport members can fully customize the basic Live page with RSS feeds and "gadgets", much like Google's portal page with Google Accounts. The basic, un-customized page offers a search bar with the options of Web, Images, News, Local and QnA.

The Web search performs much as other search engines, only it serves ads from MSN's new ad network instead of Adwords. It does offer a "related search" section, something Google has yet to implement, but a standard feature of for a while nöw.

The relevancy of the results, is, as always, a matter of debate. MSN's Search performs ably in many regards, but one can't help but wonder if the largër index Google provides means you're missing something. Relevancy is undeniably important, though. It is one of the core reasons a searcher might actually make a switch, should his current engine of choice "let him down" too many times.

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