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Afire LogoLast week was a fantastic week of connecting with amazing women. For three wonderful days, I attended Bernice Ross's Awesome Females in Real Estate (AFIRE) conference in Scottsdale and then my friend

and national trainer extraordinaire, Amy Chorew, came for the weekend! I am so grateful and fortunate to have such inspirational women in my life. I believe it is important to surround yourself with people who elicit the best from you, who energize you and who model what you want to evolve into!

Here's some of what I learned this week:

  • @KellyWhite CFO of www.GoodLifeTeam.com shared their progressive company's "Constellation" strategy for social media, which ties all the activity into a focused, comprehensive plan that systematically leverages everything they do. Their innovative support for agents was fascinating and is destined to continue to help them capture a large share of business from the internet and building relationships through their social media. They have truly invented a model that is the brokerage of the future.
  • @TerriMurphy of shared how her company is helping people with reputation management and shared how negative social media posts can be buried by flooding the channel with positive posts.
  • Bernice Ross (@BRoss) said "remember what your mother always told you, 'If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all.'" She also told us that video testimonials are the BEST way to get higher Google rankings (who knew? Cool!)
  • Tricia Andreassen (@TriciaSings) from www.ProStepMarketing.com suggested how Press Releases and partnering with businesses (á la the Social PartneringTM that I have been sharing with you this year) are a good demographic fit and can give you more expert status, credibility and exposure.

There was lots, lots more. Carra Riley has done a good blog post with her takeaways.

What did you learn this week? There are so many opportunities and now is a perfect time to be learning, expanding and networking:

  • Attend a webinar-check out what is available at no cost through RightToolsRightNOW or Women's Council of REALTORS®
  • Go to a National Meeting! The MidYear NAR meetings in DC in May will offer lots of great networking and learning. Sign up for the National Convention in New Orleans in November.
  • Take a GRI, CRS, SRS, PMN or other designation class (even if you already have the designation, it's a great value). Besides the current content, you'll meet others who are serious about expanding & learning.

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