What Are You Waiting For?

Home Stager with Transformed Rooms

Let's be honest! For those of us associated with the housing industry we have been dealt a bad hand.  That said, we still continue in our daily effort to improve our own personal goals and if possible help others to reach theirs as well.  It is amazing how we come together as a community and a nation during hard times. 

As a interior re-designer I have had the joy of creating beautiful living spaces for my clients utilizing the items they already own.  Not only do they get a new look but they also save a lot of money and they can continue to enjoy the items they have collected over the years.  I have always said that we choose our furnishings and accessories to fit our personality.  When those items are properly arranged it brings out the best of those who live in the home.  I have spoke with so many individuals who have decided to hold off selling their property and "spruce" up their current home. 

As a real estate stager I believe that when a property is put on the market it needs to appeal to everyone who walks through the front door.  The staging process emcompasses the entire property, not just the interior.  I know what you are thinking-staging costs money.  So many sellers are strapped for extra money for improvements.  However, it may not require a great deal to enhance the appeal of the property.  My goal as a stager is to transform the property so as to get it sold as soon as possible and at the best price. 

When a property is sold think of how many people benefit from the sale.  As a sales agent or a property owner don't let the current economic situation hinder you from making every effort to generate a quick yet profitable sale.  As a seller put yourself in the buyer's frame of mind.  They want to have the ability to see their family living in the home.  As an agent you need the property to appeal to all potential buyers.  Ask yourself this question-Would you buy a automobile that is filthy and not running properly?  How can you expect someone to invest in the largest purchase they will ever make when they can't see beyond the personal items of the currrent owner?

I am in the decorating industry because I love to create beauty in my client's living space.  I believe that you can have a new look without spending a lot of money.  That is why I love the art of re-design.  Choosing the items to decorate a home is a personal decision because you are expressing your personality.  Who I am to come into your home and try to change you as an individual?  When ataging a property for the sales market I work to achieve the look with what you have before suggesting that you spend money to purchase or lease items.     

I would like to encourage you as an agent to contact me today to schedule a staging consultation for your client and get the property sold.  As a homeowner you deserve to have a new look in your living space and not have to worry about spending a lot of money.  I will work with any budget to create the look you desire.  Once again, what are you waiting for? 


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