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Is the Internet, IDX and Syndication a help or a hassle?

You put your listings in the MLS and every agent has "easy" access to all the listing details. The MLS also has a public site that allows consumers to search for and get much of the information that in prior years consumers had to rely on you for.

You Opt-In for IDX and allow your listings to be displayed on other Brokerages sites in exchange for having their listings on your site. Now they all have to say "Courtesy of..." on them but that information tends to be buried as best as the rules permit.

You have non-Brokerage sites that have your listings on them and allow you to either set up a FREE account with basic functions or pay for a Premium account that gives you enhanced options.

  1. Is the "Courtesy of..." sufficient or should it contain more detailed listing agent information?
  2. Are there too many non-Brokerage sites out there getting you listings from various sources?
  3. Do non-brokerage sites hold your listings hostage unless you pay to properly Brand them?

I guess what I am really asking here is how do you balance exposure and maintaining the integrity of your listings?

If your Seller believes more is better do you also get asked how come your picture and contact information is not on their home when they search for it on the web? Do you then have to establish an account on that site and possibly pay for a Premium account to get what the Seller wants?

Recently I had a family member ask me why they listed their home with one company when another company brought the Buyer. They thought the Listing Agent should have done a better job of bringing the Buyer.

Who does the listing data belong to?

It just seems to me that the more exposed your listing is, the more you have to pay to get leads on your own listing.