Tax Credit Extension for Qualified Service Members; Tax Credits & Deductions for Homeowners

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The $8,00 HomeBuyer Tax Credit has expired as of April 30th, 2010 for all of us except for certain members of the military, foreign service and intelligence community.  Click Here for the Details 


There are other tax credits and deductions for homeowners such as the energy tax credits:  Click Here for More Information

There are the deductions for mortgage interest, property taxes, mortgage insurance, & much more:  Click Here for the Details

Regardless of the tax credit and deductions, homeownership continues to be one of the largest and best investments you can make in your lifetime; it is also a privilege that many people in other countries do not have the option to enjoy.  Cherish and prosper from this wonderful freedom and privilege we have in America.  It's truly a large part of the American Dream!

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