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Perceptions as Reality

Real Estate Agent with (ABR) McLeRoy Realty, Inc.

Twice now, in the past few weeks, I've been approached by clients searching for a home in this area.  Both told me to not bother looking in a certain county because they heard the taxes are too high.  Actually, I told them, the taxes in that county are LOWER, significantly, than the surrounding counties!  I asked them how they got that impression and they replied that it's in the papers about the tax protests in said county!

Recently, a citizen's group for lower taxes has been flexing it's populist muscles and creating headlines in the local weekly paper.  From that, many had deduced that taxes are killing the local folks!  This county's taxes are set at 26 mils.  The surrounding counties have 42, 38, 39 mils.  How in the world did that perception arise? I don't know, but I do know that it is directly impacting the real estate business when "perceptions become reality"!