Debt Management by Richard Batke, Mortgage Broker in Penticton and Summerland BC

Mortgage and Lending with Invis - Richard Batke, Residential Mortgage Broker
Debt Management by Richard Batke, Mortgage Broker in Penticton and Summerland BC

Managing your debt is more important now than ever! 

At best, consumer debt limits your real estate purchasing power and reduces your cash flow, and at worst can cost you your home and force you into bankruptcy.

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I have recently seen several clients who wanted to consolidate their debt into their mortgage only to find that there is no equity left in their home.  As real estate values decrease, people may find themselves owing more than their home is worth.

Others have tried to qualify for a mortgage, having great income, however, the consumer debt and car loan payments halted their dream until they make the necessary changes in their debt management.


Times have changed!

1. We can no longer assume that our homes will be continually increasing in value over the next few years, giving us the opportunity to consolidate the debt for items purchased now. 

2. New legislation regarding mortgage lending has caused a reduction in the buying power of most individuals.  

This means that if you want to purchase a home today, you will have to be able to carry a larger mortgage payment now than you would have for that same home before April 19 when the changes took effect.

Minimizing your consumer debt load is
more important than ever! 

We need to manage our debt by:

     1.  Adjust our thinking and actions from being overly consumptive to more
          frugal and cost effective. 
     2.  Reduce our consumer debt load and stop paying needless amounts of
     3.  Get back to simple financial basics as shown in the video above.

I have access to money coaches, financial advisors and I can also help you beat the debt monster with proven debt management strategies.

It is easier than you think, debt management simply requires a desire to change and the discipline to do it.

In our present economic times, the ones who will be the best positioned to capitalize on the opportunities they bring will be the ones that have successfully managed their debt and are not saddled up with consumer debt payments, those who have equity in their homes and a solid financial foundation and financial plan.

My Wife and I paid our home out in 5 years with some determination and creativity, saving countless $$ in interest payments.

Contact Richard Batke to learn how you can eliminate
your debt as fast as possible. 

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