How To Become The Hunted Instead Of The Hunter in Advertising

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The Diamond Emporium is one of the largest jewelry chains in my area. They got to be that way in the very competitive jewelry business because of how they built their business. While most retail outlets lead with 'price style' advertising (you know the type - Diamond ring was $1995now just $995), the Diamond Emporium advertised FREE diamond grading classes at their outlets.

Now instead of advertising specials for Valentine's Day, they didn't advertise at all.People could attend a showroom and be taught how to select a diamond, grade it and when they needed tobuy a diamond they could recognize value; no matter where they bought it.

This ingenius 'education' program saved the company a fortune in advertising.  While their competitiors spent hundreds of thousands of dollars marketing the latest price reduction,Diamond Emporium were opening new outlets. Brilliant isn't it. They became the hunted instead of huntingfor customers.

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