Mann's Creek Showing

Real Estate Agent with Tri-Cities Real Estate retired

I showed my ranch listing in the Mann's Creek area near Weiser Idaho this morning.  This involved driving for two hours slowly on rutted and gulched dirt roads up and down and on the side of hills we even saw a deer and some chukar. 

I am very proud of my Hyundai Santa Fe!  It was it's first real ranch showing and it did very well!  Lots of bumps and rocks.  I could get where I wanted to, I didn't get stuck and I didn't fall off the hills!

We were watched over by various types of cattle who were reluctant to move out of the way. 

As things go, I also had my five year old grandson with me - he'd been sternly warned about being quiet and did a pretty good  job. 

The wildflowers were spectacular and everything could not have been greener - just perfect!

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