Are you steel looking for your dream home?

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Are you steel looking for your dream home?

Are you frustrated and unable to find it?

It is not easy, in most cases buyers have to make few offers before one gets accepted, and that is a fact.

There are few things that make it hard:

•·         Type of loan.

•·         Amount of down payment.

•·         Buyers credit scores.

•·         Source of funds.

•·         Financial assistant requested from the seller for closing cost.

•·         Price offer.

In today's market REO are difficult to get an offer accepted. The REO Bank in many cases when offer about the property asking price will request to have the appraisal contingency removes. Buyers be aware that removing this contingency appraisal means that you will pay for any loan under advance base on the property value.

FHA loans are becoming more demanding and you will put to a trial when applying for and FHA loan.

 This could not be any different when bringing a conventional loan; you should be prepare to provide with all type of information requested by the under writer of your loan.

If you need and experience agent to deal with all these facts, we offer you our years of experience in dealing with this demands and our expert negotiation skills.

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