Top 5 Insider Tips to Sell your Condo

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It's a buyer's market. So here are the 5 top tips to make your Philadelphia Condo stand out and sell when there is a sea of similar condos for sale in the market.  

5. De-clutter and Clean:Condos are generally somewhat compact to begin with so YOU MUST keep it as clean and de-cluttered as possible. It will make it look more spacious and more appealing!

4. Make it as picture perfect as possible: Over 80% of buyers preview homes on the Internet before they view them, this figure is probably substantially higher in urban areas.  So first, make sure your agent has a professional photog taking the pictures with the best camera, using the best angle and in the most flattering light.  If your agent shows up with a beat up Cool Pix camera, DON"T allow it!

Second, prior to the professional photographer arriving, get rid of all scuff marks on the walls, replace light bulbs, have kitchen and bath counters emptied and clean, make beds, fluff pillows, strategically place any object d'art and just try to make your home look as good as it ever has since you bought it!

3. Price it right the first time:   The price per square foot for a condo is very easy to determine and to appraise because one is comparing it that unit to the other recent sales at the same address. Of course views and upgrades can be factored in, but in a Seller's market they are generally not worth as much as it was in the buyer's market. 

Do NOT retain an agent who overprices your condo because they either do not know what they are doing, or if established, they plan to lock you into a long-term listing contract and beat you down on the price over a 12 month period while they use your home to attract buyers through open houses and signage.  Either way avoid this type of agent like the H1N1.

 2. Insist that your home is on the MLS.  The main reason to hire a Realtor to sell your home is to provide the maximum exposure to the greatest number of qualified buyers.  Agents use the Multiple Listing Service to inform other Realtors of their listings and to inform the public through national portals like Do not event think of listing your home with an agent who does not use the MLS.  There is absolutely no benefit to the consumer to list with an agent who does not participate in the MLS.

 1.  Have a Major Internet Presence:  Worth mentioning again, and again, over 80% of buyers and even more in urban areas, use the Internet to preview homes.  To maximize your home's local, national and international exposure make sure your home is showcased on a professional, well visited and well (search engine) placed web site.  

If the website is on the first page of Google but looks like your kid sister created it, everyone can find it, but nobody will use it. If it is a gorgeous, well functioning website, but is located on page 12 of Google then no one can find it to use it. 

The #1 tip is to test drive your Realtor's website prior to entering into a long-term contract.  First, try to find them on the Internet first, use their website, see how quickly they respond and then interview them. In a Seller's Market you need every tool available to maximize your profit! Do NOT sell yourself short or you might end up with a short sale.

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