Choosing A Home Stager Who Markets to Target Demographics Rather Than Just Decorates

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I have known Lisa for several years.  She is a wonderful person in addition to being a great home stager.  I truly appreciate the way she thinks regarding staging for the demographic that is likely to purchase the home not just decorating. 

Way to go Lisa

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Choosing A Home Stager Who Markets To Target Demographics Rather Than Just Decorates

While home staging may still be just be starting in some parts of the country, here in Seattle, home staging is seen as common practice for a property to be truly considered competitively marketed by most agents.  The sellers expect the agent to know the target buying demographics for a property, then why wouldn't the agent demand that the home staging companies' choices be based upon trying to attract that clientele also?

See if your favorite stager is marketing-focused by asking them what strategies they would employ to improve the marketability of this listing. Below are some home staging suggestions you will want to be hearing:

Ground Floor Condo in Suburban High-Tech Area

1) Masculine Furnishings - Ground floor locations have some added security concerns for some female buyers. Home staging would be more effective if geared towards male tastes by keeping furnishings a bit more streamlined and avoid a lot of fussy accessories and floral patterns. If you can see more than three silk plants per photo and a floral bedspread with stacks of patterned pillows, you may be missing sales.  A stager who sticks to a very traditional look is a better choice for family-friendly suburban listings or a complex that has an older population. The marketing strategy should determine the overall staging style. This complex has several high tech corporate campuses near it whichthe agent will be focusing on and all have a higher male to female ratio so this sleek home staging style is a better bet.

Living room modern condo

2) Layout for Everyday Living - This is not the project to opt for angled sofas and tiny wicker furniture from the local import store. While female buyers favor rooms setup with the focus on entertaining, men have been shown to prefer rooms setup for everyday living. Showing a beautiful solution that incorporates even a fake flat screen TV is important as it allows buyers see that even modest spaces can be very comfortable and efficient when the furnishings are scaled correctly. Plant stands as bedside tables don't fool anyone into thinking a space is bigger so make sure the furniture solves problem such as providing more storage. The objection of a room with small closets can be overcome with a double dresser.  An office should incorporate a solution for an occasional overnight guest.

3) Low Maintenance Flooring - This unit was due for some new flooring. The ground floor location would be more attractive to pet owners for convenience so a wood or laminate flooring is a better solution than wall to wall carpeting.

 4) Adding More Lighting - Lamps will make a property show better than simply turning on an overhead light which often is a blue-hued energy efficient florescent. Save these bulbs for everday living but opt for traditional bulbs when selling. Lighting helps create a cozy atmosphere and improves the feel of your online photos. The mirror and mirrored jewelry case were added to reflect the lamplight which essentially doubles the light.

Black chest neutral bedding tall headboard

5) Adding Simple Draperies - Creamy white linen panels will not only help overcome those concerns from female buyers about privacy but also create a soft diffuse light during daytime showings.  Staging is even more important when the property needs the focus to be on the interior. Hotels have been employing this trick for years to improve the perception of those rooms without a view.

 Kitchen Maple Cabinets Golden Granite Stainless Appliances

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