Top 5 Tips to Organize Your First Home

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Top 5 Tips to Organize Your First Home

•1.       College Clean Up- All papers, sorry to say, have "Got to Go!" - I just bought my first shredder last week and de-cluttering has never been so much fun. So, collect all those academic papers and unless they are relevant to an advanced degree, keep the most important ones if need be and toss the rest. Goal: one small file of papers

•2.       Tax Time - File all relevant information including business expenses into one area so at the end of the year you will know exactly where everything is. If your bills and account statements are older than 7 years - use that shredder. Also, consider making all payments online. Goal: Use that Shredder daily.

•3.      Wardrobe Warrior - If you have tops and jackets that you have not worn in over two seasons (that means two springs or two winters) then it is time to get rid of them. Throw out the torn jeans and give away the rest!! Now some may say throw them out after one season but I am a bit liberal here. I mean parting with clothing is not so easy. However any tee not worn this season, does need to be tossed. And as for shoes...Goal: every time one pair is too irresistible not to bring home, another pair must go. Same number of shoes, no guilt.

•4.       Book Brave - Go through your books! Donate all college books and beach reads that have not been looked at in years. Buy a bookshelf or a wall unit and mix your favorites only with your collectibles and accessories. If you need many of your books for business reference, this is a nice way to integrate a sense of style to your library. Goal: Keep only those books that mean the most to you and are in the best condition.

•5.      Storage Made Simple - It is important for a fresh start to have storage areas for files, CDs, toys etc. that are both functional and decorative.  For those who like a country flair look for baskets, hinged top coffee tables and elegant fabric covered boxes. For a more modern mood, mix woods or leather boxes and lacquered trunks with colorful containers.  Goal: Find fast. Loose change and remotes are not pretty to look at.

Bonus: Less is more - Only display the things you really like. Gifts are meaningful expressions from friends and family but often may not express your specific tastes. If you did not get around to returning some key items like platters and picture frames or have outgrown that look and they are crowding your home, than put them in a closet for sentimental value only. Goal: If you don't find that you are using your accessories at all than part ways.


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Comments (5)

Jonathan Saffiedine
Atlantis Mortgage - Farmington Hills, MI
Great info. keep it up!!!
Aug 02, 2007 07:36 AM
Charlottesville, VA
not just my first home, but also my present home! lol now that I am married with children seems we always have another room to organize....might be just me though... best regards, Charles
Aug 02, 2007 08:15 AM
Kathy Alexander
GreatStages Home Staging and Redesign - Vancouver, WA
Home Stager Camas WA, Home Staging Southwest WA
Very nice information. I think I will pass it on to my daughter!
Aug 07, 2007 06:19 PM
Kate Kushnereit, New Stages Home Design


I'm new to the House Warmers group and was drawn to your tips since my son recently moved out.  Great tips!  You could add a number 6:  go to your parents and retrieve the boxes they are storing for you!


Aug 18, 2007 02:01 AM
Lisa Robbins
Au Courant Home; City Living Baby - Aventura, FL
Welcome to Housewarmers Kate. I hope in the future it evolves a bit more. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I am glad the tips were helpful. Your #6 is a great one...parents are key especially for storage...ha,ha.
Aug 18, 2007 12:39 PM