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DON’T WING IT! COME PREPARED! HERE’S HOW: Your pitch should be goal-oriented. A kick-ass elevator pitch is designed with a specific outcome in mind. What is your desired outcome? You may have different pitches depending on different objectives. For instance do you want to: make a sale, gain a prospect, enlist support for an idea, or earn a referral?


Realize that this might not necessarily be a pitch for your customer. It is a pitch for a potential referral partner.

Consider the following questions when writing your elevator pitch:


What is the problem in your industry or service and how does your company solve it?


What credibility do you bring to the table? Great, you do mortgages, insurance, buy houses, sell real estate. Now why should I pick you personally to refer to my clients rather then everyone else?


Who is your customer or market? Briefly explain who you’re selling or servicing your product to. Mention how big your market is and name a few professions that deal with your customers. Remember, just because a certain profession can’t refer you business directly doesn’t mean that can’t introduce you to someone that can!


Who do you want to meet (people, companies, opportunities)? Be specific, the more you know about who you want to meet and why, the easier it is for other people to introduce you to these people.


Why are you different then your competition? If you can’t come up with something that your company does, then ask yourself what you do personally to make your product or service unique. If you can’t come up with anything, then ask yourself if you’re in the right business!


What’s in it for them? Who can you refer business to? Great, so you communicated how great you’re, why your company is better then the competition, and who you want to meet! Now tell people what’s in it for them, who can you introduce them to. Tell them why you’re a great networker.


When you’re done with answering all of your questions and writing your“elevator pitch” ask someone to help you practice. You can even video record yourself. Don’t stop practicing and developing your pitch until you’re comfortable playing it in front of 100 people! This is not just for our event it’s for every event you attend and every person you meet. It’s for you and your business. It’s for your success! We’re dedicated to helping you reach your goals!


My Elevator Pitch: Do you know how you get an email for a “networking” event and then you show up and it’s more like a “sell-a-thon” then an actual “networking” event? Well what we do is provide a live venue in a comfortable, non-selling environment, where real estate professionals can network, exchange resources, and receive education on various topics that can help them strive in their businesses, all for a very low investment. At our past 25 events we’ve gotten over 100 real estate professionals.


Check us out at: Our next event is coming up in Union County on May 13th!

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Glenn Roberts
Retired - Seattle, WA

Thanks for the direction on the elevator pitch. I've tried it before but your directions are much clearer.

May 05, 2010 03:47 AM
Jonathan Steingraber
New Jersey Real Estate Social Network - Kenilworth, NJ

Glad to hear!

May 05, 2010 03:32 PM