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I just got done with a continuing education class on agency, being in the business for awhile I wasn't sure if I would learn anything that I didn't already know. In our area we have changed the forms for agency and listing agreements in the past year and with the new changes trying to make the forms more user friendly and easier to understand it seems there always could have been more changes. With about a hundred people in the room you get a wide variety of opinions, some better than others. After the three hours was done the general consensus was that it takes a knowledge of the agreement and a great deal of common sense. Every office seemed to have a little different way to do things but the end result was to represent the client in the most ethical and legal way to get to the end result of a sale. Sometimes the harder we try to make it easier the harder it gets. Homes in Sioux Falls are selling with the market on the up swing it looks like it should be a good year.

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