What kind of day do I have today??

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I thought I would share this expereince with you. It happends to me all the time. Did you ever have a Yes day? Where everything goes your way at home, in the office, with your kids with your family. You catch the bus right on time, you get the elevator half empty, you get the client to answer your phone calls. You get the right offer on your property you are trying to sell for months? Everything is going your way...

And then again, sometimes, you get a Maybe day. Will the client get pre-approved? Will you get the promotion you want? will you the kids like their snacks you gave them in school? Will your boss like your presentation? will they run out of your favorite desert at the restaurant you always go to? these are Maybe days? and sometimes they are called waiting days.

How about the No days. The bus never comes on time. the copier is not working. you do not get your client to answer your phone calls. Nothing works... This is when you should decide to slow it down. Call it a day or sit back and reorganize your day. Go to the movies, go shopping. Change energy. It always works for me.

The next time you get a No day, you know what to do. Do not let it control you. Take a breath of fresh air and rejuvenate your activities.

Now what king of day will you have next?

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Lori Lincoln And Associates
Top Agent Serving Dighton Taunton, Rehoboth and more! - Taunton, MA
Top Agent Taunton,Dighton Rehoboth &more

I take my NO's and turn them into YES's. In my "weird" world, everyday is a YES! day.

Aug 02, 2007 12:58 PM
Steve Leung
Silicon Valley Real Estate - Cupertino, CA
The funniest (well, they're not funny when they happen but they're pretty surreal when you look back on them) are the "bad technology days"... the ones where the printer, your cell phone, then your laptop or anything else that needs juice all stop working at around the same time.  Then, an image of zen where you can use your laptop like so many frisbees that have come before...
Aug 02, 2007 01:02 PM
Fern S. Hamberger
Corcoran - Manhattan, NY
The Fern Hamberger Team

I understand you can turn a No day into a Yes day, however, sometimes things happen with no explanations. No days might not necessarily be bad days. It could be that something is telling you to slow down or just take a breath of fresh air and not to get excited. I am talking about the copier not functioning and the bus ot being on time etc...

It just happens to me and sometimes there is no explanation.

Aug 02, 2007 01:15 PM
Bob & Carolin Benjamin
Benjamin Realty LLC - Gold Canyon, AZ
East Phoenix Arizona Homes
We all have to work on making every day the best day. Turning lemons into lemonade if needed.
Aug 02, 2007 01:29 PM
Corianne Fugate
R.W. Price and Associates - Monroe, NC
Somedays I think I catagorize "Old people day"  "young people day"   which may sound odd but...."Old People Day"  I'm sure has saved my life a time or two because I was in "Young People Day MODE".  Yep! You guessed it - has to do with driving- and who's in front of you.  When I have the OPD I always say a prayer of thanks because someone is watching out for me. Even if it is frustrating that they are going oh so slow!  It is nce to know I'm not the only one out here who catagorize their days!!  Bless you!
Aug 02, 2007 01:41 PM
Sybil Holcomb
Ayres Realty - Douglasville, GA
Some days when things seem to go from bad to worse you just have to give into it and go with the flow.  I was having one of those days earlier this week and nothing was going right.  Now with an attitude from that nothing was bound to go right.  So I gave into it, took a much needed rest and went to bed at 4 pm and stayed there.  When my husband came home from work I told him that I was there for the evening and there I stayed.  When I got up the next morning I had a wonderful new attitude and the week has progressed nicely.  Sometimes it doesn't hurt to just GIVE IN.
Aug 02, 2007 10:03 PM