Big Event Weekends....Have an Open House?

Real Estate Sales Representative with Coldwell Banker Burnet

This weekend in the city where I live, Stewartville, MN, we are hosting a garage sale weekend like many small towns.  People from all over the region, even other states converge on Stewartville to find that bargain they've been looking for.  It's a fun time--great for the city & the local economy.

Many times as a Realtor, I've attempted to host open houses on this annual weekend to see if I can capture some more traffic for my sellers.  Unfortunately, I've seen the exact opposite happen.  Open parking spaces are a valuable commodity, people rush from one sale to the next, but rarely do I have anyone through.  I equate this to a different clientele--people focused on a certain event, but not willing to stray off of their purpose for being there.  Maybe that's to their credit since time is short and key items go quickly.

What are your thoughts on open houses during busy weekends where you live?  Big sporting events?  Parades?  Festivals?  Have they worked for you?  Thanks for your insight!

Happy Houses!


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