The Power of a Wiffle Ball!

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*This story may take a few twists and turns....but it's a story that makes the Real Estate/Mortgage business worthwhile and rewarding.

**I was helping one of my mortgage clients' move into their first home this past weekend. The clients and their 2 boys have lived in a 2 bedroom apartment and were ready for a home, a backyard and for the boys to have their own rooms.  What may seem commonplace to a lot of people-the feeling of having a backyard to play in was something the boys never had.   I was wondering what I should bring as a housewarming I go with the good ole standbys...Wine....Flowers....A gift card...a gift basket.....not this time. This time it was an old standard...but one that made a bigger impression than I could have ever imagined.  It was a Wiffle ball and bat! 

It was a perfect compliment to the backyard that the boys had never had.  I brought the bat and ball out of my car and the boys looked as if it was a puppy!  They grabbed the bat and ran to the backyard....only to ask me if I could come with them. Now I had a choice....move the couch, TV and dresser off of the truck...or play Wiffle Ball....nuff said and off to the backyard it was.

Watching the kids play in the backyard was a priceless picture. This was new to them and they couldn't get enough of it. 

After awhile with the bat and ball...I figured I should go back to the truck and give my buddies a hand (after making sure the dressers were already moved!). 

Truck and pizza enjoyed and it was time to go. Before I left the Mom came up to me to thank me. I said no biggie-I love helping others move just not myself. She said not for the move but for making the biggest difference in her son's lives. She said her kids will remember their first Wiffle ball game in their own backyard forever!

This, to me, was the biggest and best compliment anyone could have.  To not only provide a home-but to make an impact on kids! It really doesn't get any better than this!

Never forget the impact you make on your clients lives. If you do-get out of the business. We are here for them, and if this story makes you work a little harder-then my job here is done.


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Mike Mitchell
Real Living Kee Realty - Saint Clair Shores, MI

John, what a terrific story and experience for you. Thanks for sharing.

Great post! This should be Featured!

May 07, 2010 02:59 AM