Make It A Great Day!

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The expression "Make it a great day" is used alot these days not only in every day conversations but in voice mail greetings.  Have you noticed?  Have you ever had a day that just seems to go from bad to worse?  What if you could wave a magic wand and change the day you're having and make it a great day? 

 Sometimes,  when I'm having less than a great day and I can  catch myself, I realize that I am actually thinking about my bad day....alot.  Like almost creating it with my thoughts.  Wow.  Remember the saying "you become what you think about..."   Earl Nightingale wrote that back in the 60's   and yet it's as  fresh and meajningful today as it was then.  So here are some things to think about when you want to turn your day around and make it a great day:

Know that each new day (each new moment for that fact) is a fresh, clean slate awaiting your arrival.

Just before you  get out of bed, stop for a moment and ask yourself "what's one thing I can do today to make it a great day....for me. Even if it's about to be the most hectic day ever, just do one thing just for you...even the small things can make you feel great!  It might  be stopping for a Starbucks or finishing the project you started, or errands you promised yourself you'd do, or just taking yourself to the gym for that long overdue workout.  Think how great you'll feel:)

Then, just before you turn off the light at the end of the day, acknowledge that you've done it! You've done something just for you that made it a great day.  And in no time the law of attraction will reveal itself in ways that will undoubtedly change your life and you'll look forward to each new day!

                                                     Make it a great day!

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Carla Dimond
CATARRA - Mountain View, CA
(Silicon Valley)

Pat, you have to say it, it the Keller Williams Mantra, so make it a great day:-)

May 08, 2010 04:09 AM