Preparing for the Staging Visit

Home Stager with ShowCase Residential Staging

  To ensure the most productive and effective staging appointment, it's important to plan ahead and have these 7 major things already done:

  • painting
  • repairs
  • deep cleaning & detail cleaning- appliances, carpets, floors, windows
  • removal of unservicable vehicles, old piles of lumber, etc from the premises
  • declutter & downscale contents of home
  • moving boxes, tape, sharpies, packing materials
  • storage unit

   This is a very crucial appointment, as it is the 1st of the 4 step sequence for successfully selling your home. To reiterate the steps- Stage it. List it. Show it. Sell it. Staging in this context concerns an occupied home. Sellers can get the most bang for the buck with this strategy because more attention can be devoted to getting a great look for the home. More commonly known as a Redesign, the stager will scour the home for items to use in redesigning the overall look & feel of the home. The goal is a fast sale!

   Having moving supplies already on-hand helps sellers mentally move out. That makes decluttering and downscaling much easier to accomplish. The stuff has a designated place to go. It's also beneficial because valuable space will be opened up in the home. Spaceciousness is a coveted commodity with buyers, as they will ask this question when looking at homes, "How well is my stuff going to fit here?"

   Finally, having a storage unit ready to receive boxes of stuff makes the overall chore of preparing and showing a house for sale less exhausting, stressful, and taxing. It's a great feeling to start out with a winning strategy that will go a long way towards selling faster & for more money. Follow the next 3 steps for great results. List it. Show it. Sell it.

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