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One of the daunting feats that we all want to do is to keep people on our page. One of the newest ways to do that is to embed Google SERPs (search engine results pages) in your site. This way, when someone comes to your site looking for your informative post and want to do research, they can with the click of the button and never have to leave your site. Now, before you all say that this is old news, let me go into it deeper. The picture to the right is actually OLD news. However, that is not quite what I am talking about here.

For those of you that do not know, Google now has a feature through Adsense that allows for you to have the Google search engine results pages show up inside your website. This way, a reader or consumer can stick around on your site for some extra time. The one thing that I am not keen on with this product is the fact that it has to be at least 800 pixels wide. For most people, this is a majority of your content display. For people that employ the 1200 pixel themes, this really would not be a problem if you have a single sidebar or two that are less than 400 pixels total.

In closing, it is still a great tool to add to your site if you want to keep people hanging around. If you click on the picture to the left, you will be able to view a site that has this in action. If you notice, the header is still active. If you want to see it in action for yourself, visit SEO Info Now. For any PREP member that would like to add this feature to your PREP site, contact our office at 865-951-0522 and we will help you walk through it.

Positive Real Estate Professionals (PREP) can help you achieve the recognition you and your business deserve through our highly versatile and search engine optimized member websites, lead capture, and visitor friendly layout. If you are a professional who works in the real estate industry or one of the related fields that service the needs of the real estate industry then this real estate network can be just what you need to take your business to the next level. If you have questions or would like to join CLICK HERE.

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Hannah Williams
HomeStarr Realty - Philadelphia, PA
Expertise NE Philadelphia & Bucks 215-820-3376

Your link does not work...your click here


May 10, 2010 02:50 AM
Danny Thornton
R & D Art - Knoxville, TN
WordPress Guru

Thanks for the heads up Hannah. It is working now. I hate copy & pasting, but sometimes time restraints call for it. I should have proofed it better.

May 10, 2010 03:12 AM
Andy Chaudoir
Professional Inspection Services - Georgetown, Texas - Georgetown, TX
Your Home Inspection Connection in Central Texas

Hello Danny - Thanks for the tip.  I will try and add this when I refresh my site this week.  Thanks again.

May 11, 2010 01:25 AM
Danny Thornton
R & D Art - Knoxville, TN
WordPress Guru

Andy, if I can help you out, just give me a ring.

May 11, 2010 01:32 AM
Sharon Alters
Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty - 904-673-2308 - Fleming Island, FL
Realtor - Homes for Sale Fleming Island FL

Danny, this looks like fun. I went over to seonow.com and played with it. The only thing was that if I closed it, it closed the entire site. Can you make it so it opens in a new window so that when you close it you're still on the site? I love the idea of being able to search Google right from my site or blog!

May 13, 2010 03:36 PM
Sharon Alters
Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty - 904-673-2308 - Fleming Island, FL
Realtor - Homes for Sale Fleming Island FL

Frank just said if you go into the html and put a no follow that would make it open in a new window - would that work?

May 13, 2010 03:38 PM
Danny Thornton
R & D Art - Knoxville, TN
WordPress Guru

Sharon, I love this tool. I have gone in and changed it to where it would open in a new window as opposed to the same window. All that one needs to do is add target="_blank" right after the url in the form action section. However, google makes it an option once you are setting it up so it is easier to do.

One another note, all of these comments are just now showing up for me. Weird.

Jun 20, 2010 08:19 AM

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