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Social Media is a growing interest of mine as I work in the recovering real estate market in the Kansas City area. I'm working with JudyAnn for much of my efforts and learning. I'm willing to put in the effort because the process makes sense. 

I see real estate as a people business and that leads to a social business that can see the benefits to sellers, buyers and eventually agents/brokers from social media.

Original content by JudyAnn Lorenz

Does your social media activity : Facebook and Twitter provide you with fresh new leads or does it build your reputation with the network of people who are already aware of you?  People who know most of what you can do for them, but benefit from the information you share

  • A a fresh blog post
  • A Twitter status update
  • An observation on Facebook?

Anything can happen, of course, and when you use Social Media with consistency, your name and information are OUT there for the new leads to fall into when they are searching for property.  But, most of the benefit from your social media activities will go to your list of prospects who recognize your name and have come to recognize you as an expert. 

As your prospects and past clients/customers use their Word of Mouth skills to evangelize about your services, then the social media activity really begins to pay off.  That pay-day doesn't come until after you have done your part. 

I love ActiveRain, but also recommend that you run a blog outside this network. Experience speaking, you know.

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